Worthy Stokes

Worthy Stokes is a polyneurotrauma, Near Death Experience survivor and an acclaimed, bestselling mindfulness author of four books.

She is the co-founder of The HeartMind®Process and has more than 15 years of direct experience with high level meditation practices.

Together with her husband, a trained meditation teacher and education professional (MA, Teacher's College, Columbia University), she designs and facilitates contemplative programming for survivors of life-altering trauma and Near Death Experiences. Renowned for her capacity to integrate open awareness practices with neuroscience and mindful writing techniques, she transmits a sense of awakened spirituality and inspires a felt sense of abiding, luminous joy.

Her HeartMind®Meditations have been free on Insight Timer (world's largest meditation app) since 2018.

To buy her books, follow the links below, search for gently used copies online, or visit your favorite independent bookstore.

The Daily Meditation Book of Healing

The Mindfulness Journal for Creativity

The Morning Meditation Journal

The Evening Meditation Journal



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