Praise for HeartMind® Meditations and Worthy Stokes

"Worthy Stokes has been an incredible gift in my life. She opened my heart and mind to an entirely fresh, easy, brilliant way to meditate. During her workshop I did not feel judged; I was embraced and appreciated for exactly who I am. Since learning from Worthy, I am more kind to myself. She has a way of making meditation fun!"

Lulu Streltzer, Founder

"So in awe of your grace and compassion. I feel your presence as if you were beside me...deep peace."

Pamela Robins, Sound Healer

"When I think about healers I've been lucky to work with, I think of Worthy."

Julie Smolyansky, CEO & Humanitarian

"At Artists for Trauma (AFT) we recommend and provide meditations produced by Worthy Stokes as healing tools to life-altered trauma survivor communities."

Laura Sharpe, Founder and CEO of Artists For Trauma

"Worthy Stokes is deeply insightful and radically present with an uncanny ability to lead me again and again back to my inner magic and expanded potential. I am far more aligned with what I am truly meant to do in this life."

MJ Grant, Speaker + Independent Sign Language Interpreter (clients include Elizabeth Gilbert, Jen Pastiloff, and more)

"Worthy Stokes is a warrior of light and healing in a world that desperately needs to lift the veil. She is the real deal."

Robert Raeder, NYC

"Worthy gave me eye opening permission to be what I am and connect with my true self. Magnificence! Thank you!"

Hollan, Kauaʻi HI

"Working with Worthy is an informative, healing, and fun ADVENTURE. I had night terrors for 20 years. They were gone after meditating with her."

Janelle H.
Los Angeles

"Worthy is a true lantern bearer."

Marissa Joy, Founder & CEO

"Worthy allowed + encouraged me to connect to myself in a way I rarely experience. So much love and appreciation."

Carlie, Kauaʻi HI

"Worthy is truly an advocate for her clients' healing and success. She leads with her heart and soul, full of compassion and intuitive knowing."

Noel, SoCal
TRE, Somatic Awareness, IFS

"There is power in her meditations. What a gift for the world."

Miranda Goll, San Diego, CA

"What an amazing journey! The timing and presentation were perfect. Your voice radiated with such power, nurturing, and soothing which felt like protective blankets. This meditation resonated so much with me. Thank you for helping me to make the Heart/Mind connection!"

Insight Timer

"Very effective meditation for clearing anxiety that is coming from feeling ashamed and fear."

Colleen, San Antonio, TX
Insight Timer

"Worthy’s HeartMind meditations are amazing. Her beautiful voice is soothing and her words are spoken in kindness with a truth I felt deeply. Each guided meditation brought me back to myself in a way that was so needed and so comforting."

Georgia R.
Ann Arbor, MI

"When Worthy spoke, I felt energy in every cell. It was as if someone dropped a pebble right where my heart is, a ripple wave of energy flowed through my being."

Chris B., Texas
Yoga Teacher

"I found your HeartMind self-healing meditation...and listened to it many times (after traumatic brain injury). It helped me a lot. Your story has helped me greatly."

Annie Byrne, Chicago

"Worthy gave me a potent voice of SANITY in my mix on Planet M (M = Messy:) She is a laser beam of "REAL INTEL." She is AWE~MAZING!"

Karen, Los Angeles

"Worthy, the customized (meditation) retreat with you changed everything for me. This was a life changing experience, thank you."

Shannon, NYC

"The HeartMind Aligned meditation was uplifting and motivating. I loved the visualization. Thank you 🙏❤"

Insight Timer

"Thank you for a beautiful start to my morning."

Kathy, Singapore
Insight Timer

"I was trying to buy weed for my anxiety and depression. The I found Worthy Stokes and her guided meditations. Now I don't think I need a substance for my anxiety."

Insight Timer

"Your choice of words and music is spectacular, and I feel so calm after."

Sonia, Seattle, WA
Insight Timer

"A great meditation for releasing anxiety and for anyone wanting to heal the heart, mind and soul."

L.G., Canada
Insight Timer

"Each time I hear your words, I am filled with profound gratitude for your wisdom."

Lily, Maui

"Thank you for the wonderful meditation. Everything sparkles."

Susan, Germany
Insight Timer

"The vibrational frequency of her meditation style is the most powerful I have ever come across. You will align your heart, mind, and cells on the deepest level possible. Worthy is a gift to our world."

Donovan, Australia
Insight Timer

"Thank you Worthy. This meditation (HeartMind Aligned for Your Life Purpose) is so profound, so powerful. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world! Wishing you deep soul blessings!"

Linda Foster
Insight Timer

"Her voice is just the most relaxing I ever heard. Thank you ❤️"

Sofia, Australia
Insight Timer

"Amazing! You really got to the heart of my anxiety and helped me ease back into my natural state of gentleness. Thank you!"

Katie, Australia
Insight Timer

"Beautiful words, thank you."

Betty, Chicago
Insight Timer

"Thank you for guiding me to my heart's mind. "

Satina, Connecticut
Insight Timer

"This (HeartMind Meditation) was a fantastic anxiety meditation."

Lauren, Denver
Insight Timer

"Thank you. The purposeful consistency of your tone and the soft musical tone behind you were effective for me. I am grateful."

Kiki, Sacramento CA
Insight Timer

"Finally I found love in my heart for myself and could use that to heal what hurts, thank you."

Insight Timer

"The (HeartMind Aligned Introduction) is so beautifully supportive."

Suz, Oregon
Insight Timer

"Thank you for such a wonderful guided meditation. The music is profound, and your words bring me deep peace. Worthiness has been a life long struggle for me, and I appreciate how you weave this all in. "

Paula, SoCal
Insight Timer

"Your meditations are so powerful and transforming. I feel the changes every day, thank you for sharing your wonderful experience."

Tineke, Spain
Insight Timer

"Worthy Stokes has been an incredible gift in my life. She opened my heart and mind to an entirely fresh, easy, brilliant way to meditate. During her workshop I did not feel judged, or separate. I was embraced and appreciated for exactly who I am, imperfections and all. Since learning from Worthy, I am more kind to myself, I value my mind and my heart, and I am more devoted to nurturing my being. She has a way of making meditation fun! Thank you!:)"

Lulu Streltzer, Founder

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