Worthy Stokes is a #1 bestselling author who offers books, sessions, courses, trainings, and retreats that elegantly synthesize mindfulness with evidence-based research and neuroscience for safe, spiritual healing. She is the founder of The HeartMind®Process.

A life-altering and Lucid, Near Death Experience with infinite bliss alongside life-altering polyneurotrauma at the age of 34 resulted in a spiritual awakening that shattered her identity.

Forever changed by her spiritual encounter with the fundamental nature of consciousness amidst unexpected tragedy, she embarked upon a 10 year integration journey and found herself on a misfit's holy path - of wild ecstasy and heartbreaking grief - where she learned to make sense of revelatory insights, shocking physical trauma, and new, spiritual gifts.

As a meditation teacher with more than 15 years of experience and advanced training in some of the most sophisticated practices that exist, she has spent hundreds of days in personal retreat and holds intimate knowledge of 1) what is essential to the soul's clarion call, and 2) what is necessary for one's voyage through mystical, untrammeled, inner terrain.

Often recognized for her lyrical, evocative language, she transmits a direct experience of spiritual awakening, and she navigates with an awareness that stretches beyond the conceptual mind. A seasoned field guide for travelers in liminal spaces that defy translation, she teaches and facilitates with an embodied perspective that inspires heartfelt inquiry at the nexus of spiritual resilience, emergent neuroscience, and contemplative, narrative presence.

She is the developer of HeartMind®Meditation, a gentle, spiritual practice that synthesizes non-religious, mystical awareness with brain science for self-care. Her meditations have been available for free on the world's largest meditation app, Insight Timer, since 2018.


An internationally renowned writer and the former managing director of a global organization that protected indigenous assets worldwide, Worthy Stokes holds a BA in Journalism and has completed graduate level courses in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University. Throughout her life she has studied and/or trained in a wide range of healing modalities across disciplines. For the last 2 decades, she has focused on trauma-informed techniques that synthesize energy medicine, neuroscience, mindfulness, and healing arts.

She has been mentored by - and attended workshops, practice retreats, and trainings with - a wide range of gifted individuals that includes: spiritual teachers across religious faiths, medical doctors, authors, neuroscientists, researchers, psychologists, writers, meditation experts, physicists, and spiritual healers.

Born with significant intuitive abilities that were further activated and/or spontaneously realized during her NDE, she is clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, claircognizant, and metacognizant. After years of training in the subtle art of spiritual discernment, she uses her multi-sensory gifts to effectively and precisely support her clients in their elegant capacity to heal themselves, deepen or advance an at-home spiritual practice for sacred self-care, and address noticeable gaps in (or integrate new layers of) critical spheres of emergent consciousness - relative to the arc of the soul's awakened perspective. Often referred to as "the healer's healer," she is a resource and mentor for individuals who wish to refine the gift of inner sight with the subtle art of awareness.

The awe-invoking presence that illuminated her consciousness during her Lucid, Near Death Experience is her most sacred influence. Her journey with life-altering trauma and post-traumatic growth is her most sacred teacher.


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