Worthy Stokes is a bestselling meditation author and polytrauma survivor.
She began to write about neuroscience and contemplative practices for resilience after emerging from a transcendental Near Death Experience that coincided with a devastating collision.
She faced life-altering neurological trauma, debilitating injuries, and multi-sensory destruction, including vision impairment, loss of taste, loss of smell, and loss of balance. Additionally parts of her skull, jaw, and ribs were broken, dislocated, or fractured. In the midst of unfathomable grief, and intermittent episodes of aphasia, she began to reconstruct her life.
Worthy went on to spend 8 years mapping her brain with her neurologists in NYC, published a series of HeartMind® practices on INSIGHT TIMER, and signed four book deals with Rockridge Press; each became a #1 bestseller within days of being released.
Her trademarked mindfulness protocol, The HeartMind® Meditation Process, is a framework for self-healing.
In spite of having spent 14 years as an advanced meditation practitioner who trained (and/or attended workshops) with Tibetan Rinpoches (Dzogchen), neuroscientists, and healing professionals across disciplines, her Near Death Experience is what most shapes her work. She is sought after for her perspective of the nexus point where consciousness, interpersonal neurobiology, meditation, and spiritual resilience intersect.
Her writing is endorsed by leading medical doctors, esteemed CEOs, thought leaders, trauma survivors, authors, mindfulness experts, scholars, psychologists, and more.


She holds a BA in Journalism from The University of Mary Washington.


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