Bestselling 4X Author Worthy Stokes is the founder of The HeartMind®Process.


Worthy Stokes is a world-renowned meditation expert and bestselling author of four mindfulness books that integrate neuroscience with open awareness and reflective practices. A limited edition series of her guided audio meditations are available on Insight Timer.

A neurotrauma survivor who awakened from a Near Death Experience and rebuilt her life, she has written books that have been endorsed by medical doctors, therapists, and thought leaders across the wellness industry, where she has been called "the real deal" by Author Ruby Warrington and "inspiring" by CEO and Humanitarian Julie Smolyansky.

Worthy is the founder of The HeartMind® Meditation Process, a step by step mindfulness protocol for healing and transformation after trauma; it is trademarked and protected worldwide.

Widely sought after for her deep knowledge of mindful awareness, neuroscience, and post-traumatic growth, Worthy Stokes writes, teaches, and facilitates on the razor's edge of transformation, where the emergent dance of life can breathe with abiding ease.


Worthy is her given name; she was named for her grandfather.

She holds a BA in Journalism from The University of Mary Washington and (on her mother's side) is a second generation private prep school graduate. Worthy's empathy, leadership skills, and emotional intelligence allowed her to attend "one of the eight" as a boarding student on academic scholarship.

Those formative years of learning alongside peers from all over the world inspired her work in journalism, neurological research, and interdisciplinary perspectives that take into consideration unique and interconnected aspects of culture, race, gender, class, and religion; her passion for mindfulness reflects a deep, abiding love for humanity.

A kind of intellectual "heart whisperer" with an uncanny knack for bridging seemingly disparate interests, Worthy has worked at points as a journalist, volunteer, and consultant in places such as Eastern Europe, Mexico, and Eastern Asia; she has advised global leaders on PR and communication issues related to topics including but not limited to: tech and international electronic gaming releases, grants to protect indigenous assets and preserve indigenous sources of intellectual property, international teams in Fintech startup environments, philanthropy initiatives for women and girls, literacy programming for adults, and more.

Interviews about her NDE are available online.


HeartMind®Meditations have been available 24/7 on Insight Timer since 2018.


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