Worthy Stokes is a bestselling author of four meditation books (Rockridge Press). Her trademarked mindfulness protocol, The HeartMind® Process, is a trauma-informed meditation framework that integrates heartfelt presence with neuroscience and writing in ten spheres of awareness. Her guided HeartMind® Meditations have been free on Insight Timer (the world's largest meditation app) since 2018.
 Together with her husband, a trained meditation teacher and education professional with his MA from Columbia Teachers College, she facilitates HeartMind® Meditation programming.
Her work is endorsed by humanitarians, trauma survivors, medical doctors, CEOs, psychologists, and authors.


Worthy Stokes holds a BA in Journalism and a practiced concentration in narrative ethics; prior to her professional career in meditation, she worked globally and held philanthropic leadership roles in Indigenous-led organizations with international reach.


In 2014, Worthy survived a near fatal collision in East Asia, and the course of her life irreversibly shifted. Her Near Death Experience, which she has discussed in interviews since 2017, transformed her perspective of science and illuminated her understanding of consciousness.
This was a complete spiritual awakening and a pivotal initiation.
Since that life-altering event, Worthy's path has been articulated by her direct encounter with the liminal space between death and life, where time and form vanished, and her body dissolved into light.
She is passionate about designing mindfulness programming that: strengthens one's capacity for resilience, nurtures post-traumatic growth, transmits healing awareness, and bridges neuroscience with spirituality in ways that regard the body's intelligence with a felt sense of abiding, soulful care.

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