Worthy Stokes is the founder of HeartMind® Meditations and author of The Daily Meditation Book of Healing. She is a polytrauma survivor of brain injury and multi-sensory loss.

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Author, Founder of HeartMind® Meditations

Worthy developed her trauma competent technique and trademarked HeartMind® Meditations after surviving a near fatal brain injury overseas that catapulted her into a transformative Near Death Experience and spiritual awakening that lasted 2 hours. She had been hit by a 15 passenger van while out for an early morning run in South Korea and lost access to four of her five senses that day: smell, taste, partial hearing, and partial vision.

Against all odds, she lived.

Worthy's professional work as a meditation teacher, spiritual mentor, and writer is informed by her ongoing research on post-traumatic growth, a radical grasp of nondual wisdom, and deep, lived experience with life-altering trauma, which led to suicidal thinking, an extended psychiatric hospitalization at NYU Tisch, and periods of numbing depression.

Her career officially began in earnest after she was kicked out of the world's foremost neurological rehabilitation clinic for having a terrifying panic attack - when she heard the detailed, neurological specifics about her brain injury for the very first time in her own native language. Less than a month later she launched her company to cope with her grief and began to offer what she saw missing in a traditional medical system that had wholly rejected her on two continents, in two cultures, and across multiple disciplines.

The power of her pain became her path of untapped potential.

Presence emerged as her private mission and her preferred zone of genius, as she went on to help countless trauma survivors heal, started writing again, published two meditation books in one year, and unveiled the first trauma competent mindfulness protocol ever designed by a polytrauma survivor who understands firsthand what is needed to activate resilience while mining one's neurobiology for stamina and grace.

Worthy's miraculous cognitive recovery resulted in an intellectual understanding of emergent neuroscience and consciousness that has been referred to as "formidable" by her peers in the wellness industry, and she has been repeatedly called "ahead of her time" by psychologists who recognize her remarkable apprehension of both soma and soul.

Her trademarked technique and a limited edition series of HeartMind® Meditations launched publicly in 2018 on Insight Timer, the world's  largest meditation app, where practice sessions are free and organized by topic: HeartMind® for Self-Healing, HeartMind® for Anxiety, HeartMind® Aligned for Life Purpose, HeartMind® for Manifestation, and an introduction to contemplative awareness, which presents life as an ongoing journey of remembrance.

In her personal life she has healed with generous support and skillful feedback from neuroscientists, mindfulness experts, EMDR therapists, artists, corporate shamans, sound healers, leading psychologists, somatic experts, and wayshowers who believe in the body's capacity to heal. She began practicing Dzogchen in 2008 with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, who introduced her to the power of abiding with what is - and attention to what is possible.

Inspired by the vast tracts of pristine wilderness surrounding her birthplace in northwestern Montana, she has spent hundreds of days in solitary retreat. She considers the sentient intelligence of nature and biomimicry her most relevant teachers, and she views complicated attachment trauma and CPTSD through the lens of the natural world, where interconnectedness is a foundational principle that appears in all elements of biology, spirit, and the web of intimacy to which we inherently belong.

Worthy has closely followed research in the field of relational neuroscience since meeting the late Dr. Candace Pert in 2007 and  produces meditation programming that is both trauma competent and mystical. As a traumatic brain injury survivor, Worthy's rich understanding of the brain is informed by her personal experience of debilitating tragedy and the life-affirming journey of renewal that came after.

She lives with her husband (an adult literacy expert) in New York City and often writes in Montana, where she is originally from. Worthy is her real, given name; she was named for her grandfather, Dr. Worthy, who was a gifted physician. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Mary Washington College.


HeartMind®Meditations are available 24/7 on Insight Timer and have received over 33,000 listens since 2018.


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