Worthy Stokes is a HeartMind® Meditation teacher and conscious change agent who thrives at the nexus of radical presence and relational neuroscience.

Worthy launched HeartMind® Meditations 4 years after surviving a near fatal brain injury overseas (at the age of 34) that catapulted her into a Near Death Experience lasting 2 hours. The neurosurgeon said she hemorrhaged inside of her brain for 3 days after being hit by a 15 passenger van while out for a run. She lost access to four of her five senses that morning: smell, taste, partial hearing, and partial vision. Against all odds, she lived.

To date, Worthy has spent hundreds of days in personal retreat since 2008 and has studied with neuroscientists, Tibetan teachers, and psychologists. Because of Worthy's experience with life, death, and primordial consciousness beyond what is visible, she connects deeply with the inner wisdom to which every human being has access. Presence is her path.

Her life altering TBI, NDE, and miraculous recovery inspired Worthy's company, This Worthy Life, a contemplative lifestyle business dedicated to teaching meditation, facilitating retreats, and producing guided audio programming for the purpose of gentle, non-invasive healing. She is trauma competent and wholly devoted to the journey of embodied awakening.

Over 30,000 people have meditated with her on Insight Timer, the world's  largest meditation app. Her free meditations include HeartMind® for Self-Healing, HeartMind® for Anxiety, HeartMind® Aligned for Life Purpose, and an introduction to contemplative awareness.

HeartMind® Meditations are grounded in decades of  deep, lived experience. An experiential teacher at heart, she has closely followed research in the field of relational neuroscience since meeting the late Dr. Candace Pert in 2007 - and she regularly applies this knowledge to her own neurological recovery journey. The HeartMind® meditation method activates your neuroimmunological system and gently supports your natural healing abilities; these practices alleviate physical distress, reduce anxiety, and nourish the body's innate intelligence.

Instead of teaching something is wrong with you or you need to be fixed, Worthy inspires your inner remembrance. She is pragmatic in the art and arc of spiritual inquiry - and she is devoted to the radical power of compassion toward oneself.

Worthy's work at the nexus of spiritual awakening, attachment trauma, CPTSD, grief, energy medicine, and neuroscience reflects her rich understanding of trauma, which she weaves into a lifetime of private inquiry and philosophical depth. Her journey into Death and back to life was the ultimate awakening.

For a complete list of mentors she has studied with, please see the page titled "Mentors." She is originally from Kalispell, MT, and she lives with her husband in New York City. Contact: [email protected]


HeartMind Meditations®

HeartMind Meditations® are available 24/7 on Insight Timer, the world's largest meditation app. More than 30,000 beautiful humans from across the globe have practiced with me. My heart travels with you. May you be at ease with this life.


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